Gain Access to Novel Sites Beyond the Liver Through Advanced Particle Engineering & Active Targeting for Maximized Therapeutic Window
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Unlock Targeted Lipid Vehicle Therapies with Precision in Cell, Tissue & Organ Specificity

Unlock Targeted Lipid Vehicle Therapies with Precision in Cell, Tissue & Organ Specificity

Initially sparked by COVID-19, renewed interest in lipid-based systems for delivery has now evolved. With an escalating clinical demand and the chance to commercialize lipid-based nanoparticles for novel applications and tissue delivery, the spotlight remains on delivery as the key to achieving clinical and commercial success, unlocking new therapeutic horizons.

The 3rd Next Generation Lipid-Based Nanoparticles Delivery Summit is the only event dedicated entirely to lipid-based nanoparticle delivery, where we bring together 120+ experts in LNP non-clinical, delivery, particle engineering, and formulation from the likes of Teressa, Sanofi, MediciBio, CureVac. Together, we're on a mission to revolutionize drug delivery, conquering the intricate challenges of lipid-based nanoparticle delivery beyond RNAs and extending cargos to destinations beyond the liver.

Across 3 days of carefully curated content, experience the cutting edge of innovation as we refine dosing strategies and minimize off-target effects to enhance therapeutic efficacy while reducing toxicity. Stay ahead of the curve with insights into device-formulation compatibility for cutting-edge routes of administration, tailoring delivery methods to your specific target of interest. Unlock the potential of LNPs to reach challenging tissues, customized to suit your unique therapeutic application.

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World-Class Speaker Faculty Includes:

What's New for 2024?

Achieve target specificity through engineered delivery systems for enhanced therapeutic impact with with Teressa, Sanofi & MediciBio

Navigate extrahepatic delivery
with confidence through advanced LNP technologies with UC Berkley, CureVac, Kernal Therapeutics & many more

Unleashing the
power of next-gen
lipid nanocarriers
and payloads
for enhanced
therapeutic effect
with Concarlo

Explore regulatory
frameworks for
assessing clinical
of LNPs, ensuring
compliance with
guidelines with Pfizer

Uncover the
expanding horizons
of LNPs, extending
beyond traditional
gene delivery to
embrace emerging
gene therapies
with Capstan

Companies Attending Include:

Pfizer, Sanofi, Pantherna Therpaeutics, Akagera Medicines, Novo Nordisk
Curevac, NIST, Mammoth Biosciences, Entrada Therapeutics, Tessera
Medici Bio, Concarlo, Omega Therapeutics, , Capstan Therapeutics, SalioGen, Acquitas Therapeutics
Nammi Therapeutics, Giinkgo Bioworks, Seawolf Therapeutics, Vect-Horus, Chugai, OSE Immunotherpeutics

"Agenda was well thought out, allowing plenty of time for questions and networking. This year, it was more practically focused, providing a more concrete sense of what might be coming. There was considerable focus on extra-hepatic delivery"

Previous attendee, Chief Medical Officer

"The high-quality investigations and fun discussions presented and moderated by researchers from different companies was excellent"

Previous attendee, Senior Scientist, Pfizer

"Very focused on lipid-based formulation from research to process, it's easy to learn what peers are doing, very efficient conference"

Previous attendee, Senior Director, Prime Medicine

"The conference was easy to connect with the participants and the attendees were well-selected"

Previous attendee, Senior Scientist, BioNTech

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