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The 2nd Next-Gen Lipid-Based Nanoparticles Delivery Summit returned as your definitive industry summit for lipid-based nanoparticle experts, with an end-to-end perspective from proof-of-concept and as programs scale to the clinic.

With the translatability of lipid-technologies front-of-mind for developers in 2023, this is your unparalleled opportunity to meet 140+ industry trailblazers actively searching for the solutions and services needed to harness the full therapeutic potential of these vehicles.

With significant challenges posed along the way to selecting and engineering lipid-nanoparticles, targeting extrahepatic cells and tissues and controlling immunogenicity, this is your unparalleled opportunity to position yourself as a market leader in a field poised for dramatic growth in 2023.

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With partnership opportunities designed to create industry-wide awareness of your capabilities and over 8+ hours of in-event networking opportunities to cement long lasting relationships, research with next-gen lipid-based delivery trailblazers shows increasing demand for support in:

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Following Our Impactful Launch in 2022, Here’s Who Have Joined Our Growing Lipid-Based Nanoparticle Delivery Summit Community

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