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The 3rd Next Generation Lipid-Based Nanoparticle Delivery Summit returns in 2024 as your definitive industry summit for lipid-based nanoparticle experts looking to unlock to therapeutic power of this promising vehicle through cutting-edge delivery innovations.

Through our extensive research with the industry, we know our audience are seeking expertise with lipid tissue tropism, active targeting, off-target effects to maximize therapeutic efficacy for repeat therapeutic administration.

As a solution provider in this space, partnering with us offers a unique opportunity to address critical needs in LNP delivery. Our platform will support you in showcasing your expertise in lipid development, where you can engage with key stakeholders dedicated to advancing LNPs for safe and efficacious drug delivery.

With the inclusion of preclinical model providers, the focus on dosing and translatability intensifies. Networking with these experts facilitates the exploration of outsourcing options for clinically relevant models, whether in vitro or in vivo.

Join us to collaborate and drive innovation in drug delivery solutions, ensuring a transformative impact on patient care and solidifying your position at the forefront of the industry's most groundbreaking advancements.

Hear from our 2nd LNP Formulation & Process Development Summit Partners:

Experts Need Your Help With:

Particle Engineering & Synthesis

Precise engineering of nanoparticles for enhanced drug delivery

Preclinical Models

Access to clinically translatable models for safety and efficacy testing

Lipid Provider & Barcoded Libraries

Diverse lipid formulations and high-throughput screening capabilities

Drug Delivery Device/ System

Innovative platforms for precise and targeted drug delivery

Computational Chemistry/ AI Software

Tools for rational drug design and optimization

Why Partner?

Showcase expertise in lipid development, providing solutions for targeted and safer drug delivery in front of industry leaders

Collaborate to advance stability through Particle Engineering & Synthesis, ensuring safer drug delivery methods and fostering innovation

Network with experts looking to explore outsourcing options for clinically relevant models, Computational Chemistry/ AI Software to accelerating therapeutic development and achieve targeted delivery beyond the liver

Position your company as a thought leader in the field of drug delivery, contributing insights, expertise, and best practices to drive the industry forward and shape its future direction

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