2024 Partners

United Immunity

United Immunity

Expertise Partner

United Immunity is developing a Myeloid Targeting Platform™ comprising of Cholesteryl Pullulan (CHP) based nanogels and lipid nanoparticles to target therapeutic payloads (small molecules, mRNA, etc.) to macrophages and dendritic cells for the treatment of cancer, fibrosis, infectious, autoimmune, and inflammatory diseases. UI-102 applies CHP to precisely deliver a TLR7/8 agonist to tumor-associated macrophages and change refractory cold tumors into hot tumors. United's platform is also being applied to T-cell booster vaccines and in-vivo CAR-macrophages.




Innovation Partner

Since its foundation in 1977, Lipoid has gained an outstanding reputation in the development and industrial production of high-quality lecithin, phospholipids, and other lipid products, meeting the high standards of the pharmaceutical industry. Lipoid is the world’s leading company for the production and supply of a wide range of natural and synthetic phospholipid excipients on an industrial scale.



Cayman Chemical

Exhibition Partner

Partner with Cayman and utilize 42 years’ experience in synthesis, purification, and characterization of lipids. Cayman manufactures an expansive selection of high-purity lipids utilized in LNP and liposome development including commercial and custom phospholipids, cationic and, anionic lipids. Our client-focused services include custom synthesis, purification, characterization, and custom API manufacturing. We couple your vision with our expertise to match your payload with the world’s best lipids and lipid chemists.



Nanoimaging Services

Exhibition Partner

Having a clear picture of nanomedicine formulations, like vaccine, gene, and drug delivery vehicles can mitigate the risk for unexpected complications. CryoEM simultaneously assesses drug encapsulation, morphology, lamellarity, impurities, integrity, and aggregation, and is a powerful, orthogonal technique in any analytical toolkit. NIS provides rapid, flexible and cost-effective access to cryoEM with expert knowledge and established infrastructure to accelerate projects and gain a better understanding of your formulations.


Northern RNA Logo

Northern RNA

Exhibition Partner

We are a Canadian contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) specializing in the production of nucleic acid and lipid products that support life-enabling work. We strive towards this daily by developing and deploying our state-of-the-art bioprocessing and chemical process technologies, using proprietary manufacturing and analytical approaches, employing a highly skilled workforce, and partnering with an excellent and extensive network of relationships and collaborations. We support our customers by providing scalable manufacturing capacity and help them accelerate innovation in bringing their products from benchtop to bedside or field.



Helix Biotech

Exhibition Partner

Helix Biotech is a Customer and Quality focused CDMO specializing in LNPs, Liposomes, and Hybrid Nanoparticles. Browse our selection of innovative tools and reagent systems, or reach out to us for assistance with your pre-clinical or clinical stage development, manufacturing, and analytical project.