8.00 Registration & Welcome Coffee

8:50 am Opening Remarks

Elevating Novel Lipid Chemistry to Create the Winning Vehicle

9:10 am Developing Targeted Lipid Nanoparticles (tLNPs) to Enable Off-the-Shelf Immunotherapies


  • Transforming immunotherapy by enabling the reprogramming of immune cells in vivo
  • Designing tLNPs for targeted delivery for oncology, fibrosis and inflammation-related diseases
  • Tight control of dosage and of activity of engineered cells to achieve an advanced, first-in-class therapeutic

9:40 am Expanding Current Capabilities for Intracellular Drug Delivery with a Lipid Nano-Crystal (LNC) Platform


  • What are LNCs and how do they deliver drugs?
  • How they can improve delivery, reduce toxicity, avoid immunogenicity and even allow oral administration
  • Preclinical and clinical validation

10.10 Structured Networking & Morning Coffee Break


This session is the perfect opportunity to get face-to-face time with the key opinion leaders in lipid-based delivery.
Establish meaningful business relationships to build upon for the rest of the conference and gain individual insight into the pioneering work ongoing.

11:30 am Polymer Lipid Hybrids: A Chemical Toolbox for LNP Formulations

  • Vincent Nebot Chief Technical Officer , Polypeptide Therapeutic Solutions (PTS)


  • Novel polymer-lipids, beyond PEG
  • Advantages of Polysarcosine PSar
  • Lipid Manufacturing
  • LNP Manufacturing

11:40 am Next-Generation Lipid Nanoparticle Technologies Enabling (Extra) Hepatic Nucleic Acid Delivery



  • Platform technologies tailored to a variety of tissues
  • Improved potency and safety
  • Scalable, nucleic acid agnostic, based on GRAS substances

12:10 pm Novel Ionizable Lipid Library for Enabling Non-Viral Delivery


  • Leveraging a library of novel ionizable lipids to design potential therapeutics
  • Microfluidic platform technologies to identify, optimize, scale-up potent LNP compositions
  • Potential for extra hepatic applications

12.40 Lunch Break


Take this chance to meet the expert speakers, connect with your peers and explore our exhibition booths

Cultivating the Most Effective Journey of the Lipid-Based Vehicle in the Body

1:30 pm Panel Discussion: Delivering Novel Treatments through Lipid-Based NPs Beyond Liver

  • Hila Epstein-Barash Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder , Potentia Therapeutics
  • Cory Sago Senior Director & Head of LNP Discovery , Beam Therapeutics
  • Anitha Thomas Director, Delivery , Precision Nanosystems


  • Hear the latest insights on delivering to extrahepatic cells and tissues using lipid-based nanoparticles
  • Explore the current opportunities for the industry and how this is expected to change over the next 5 years
  • How can we leverage the lessons learned and in depth research on delivery to the liver to expand our progress and meet unmet patient needs?

2:15 pm Using High-Throughput LNP Screening to Identify Novel Non-Liver Delivery Vehicles

  • Kalina Paunovska Postdoctoral Scholar Dahlman Lab , Georgia Institute of Technology


  • High-throughput LNP screening allows us to screen for many LNPs at once in vivo
  • Utilizing high-throughput screening to identify non-liver LNPs
  • Identifying novel chemical compounds through high-throughput screening

14.45 Afternoon Break


Grab a coffee and take a short break.

Maximizing Therapeutic Potential Through Optimized Administration

3:15 pm Formulation & Delivery Challenges with Inhaled Lipid Nanoparticle Formulations


  • What lipid nanoparticle formulations are amenable to inhaled delivery?
  • What are the considerations in choosing a delivery system to target the lung?
  • What assays and methodologies are used to characterize aerosolization of lipid nanoparticles?

3:45 pm Roundtable: Elevating Patient Centric Administration


Join this roundtable discussion to:

  • Discuss the challenge of balancing patient comfort with the easiest route of administration
  • Debate the advantages and limitations of different administration including IV, oral and vaccines
  • Develop a patient friendly processes to allow continuous administration

4:15 pm Spray Drying of Lipid Nanoparticles Enables Intratracheal Delivery

  • Kristina Friis Senior Scientist, Advanced Drug Delivery , AstraZeneca


  • Diving into the key parameters required to facilitate spray drying of LNPs
  • Enhancing LNP stability, cellular uptake and RNA delivery to the lung
  • Potential for future applications including inhaled vaccines


4:45 pm Closing Remarks & End of Day One

17.00 Poster Session & Evening Drinks Reception


The networking and learning continues with this scientific poster networking session. Connect with your peers in a relaxed atmosphere to continue forging and growing your new relationships.